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What does EAS Deliver? - EAS Mechanical Apprenticeship programmes are now ran to the new Standards which has changed from the Frameworks. You will notice that all the old numbers you where aware of have changed, exmaple - 6189 has now become 9189  
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C&G 6288 - Heating and Ventilation Level 2 Here and Level 3 Here 
A lot has changed in a year........ 
Managing Director Eamon Wilson explains whats been happening - 
Well its not been a year. More like 4 some of you may be aware and I bet the majority will not have a clue. But its now time for the change which ive been eluding to. The way the Goverment want Apprentices to be concluded has changed. It now means all programmes have to be lead by the employer and an EPA (End Point Assessment) must be passed at the end of the apprenticeship to finish. Some still have Level 2 whilst others only have a Level 3. Its all changed but we are here to help throughout. Please visit the page above for more infomation or click here  


For 16 to 18 year olds, the scheme is Still fully funded.  
A contribution will be required for 19 + apprentices set at 10% of the funding total.  
So if funding is at £21000 over three years your contribtution will be no more than £700.00 per year. All funding bands are in the public domain and EAS has all the funding rates on the relevant page. 
There is no age limit for an apprentice. So if you are 32 year old your free to be an apprentice. 
Levy payers..... EAS are ready for you.  
Find out more about the EAS apprenticeship programme or our short courses: please call Eamon Wilson on 01604 583060 or email: info@easmechanical.co.uk 
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