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 Catergory 3 - New Entrants to Gas route - Managed Learning Programme 

This route is ideal New Entrants looking to enter the Gas Industry and is for those whom do not have a Plumbing (or a related trade) Qualification. This course covers all of the stages required in order to get to the point of registering with Gas Safe. This route will take you step by step through the various training that is essential for the industry.  
Because you do not have experience in the trade we will teach you those required skills to get you to a competent standard. You must however be working with a Gas Engineer to ensure the knowledge is gained to the requirements for our industry. We anticipate that although your training is in 36 Weeks the overall timely completion will be more like a 12 months due to your lack of industry experience and on-site portfolio build.  
EAS will not be responsible for obtaining you a work placement. This is for you to sort before registering on the programme with EAS. We also take no responsibility if you fail to complete the course if the reasons being are out of EAS's control.  
Upon successful completion of this course (and the gathering of on the job evidence via the portfolio placement with a Gas Safe registered Engineer), you will be issued with a Gas Foundation Certificate. Included is the ACS core and one element. CentWat for instance. 


30 - 36 Week Domestic Gas Safety Training – Gas Foundation Certificate and ACS 
This 30 - 36 week long Gas course is essential training and assessment for candidates looking to gain a Gas Safe registration and ACS plus one Core element. 
We will also cover: 
Training on health and safety within the gas industry 
Working safely around electrical systems 
Principles, Process and Installation of copper and low carbon steel  
Heating controls and there function 
Domestic gas safety and Legislation / Regulations 
On the course you will undertake written exams and practical assessments. Whilst completing the course you will be provided with a Foundation Portfolio and guidance for completion. 
Finally you will undertake assessment to achieve CCN1 (Core Gas Safety) and then any appliances which you are eligible to undertake (this is determined by the evidence in your work based portfolio). 
Initial assessment for CCN1 will require 5 days to complete and will cover: 
Gas Safety Regulations, British Standards and Manufacturers' Instructions 
Emergency Procedures, Labels and Warning Notices 
Unsafe Situations, and Related Documentation 
Combustion, Gas Rates, Burner/Installation Pressures 
Testing for Tightness, Purging and Relighting Appliances 
Pipework and Fittings 
Operation of Appliance Gas Safety Devices and Controls 
Flueing Standards, Installation and Testing. 
Including CPA1 
CCN1 is a prerequisite for the various appliances available: 
CENWAT1: Central Heating Boilers & Water Heaters 
MET1: Meters 
CKR1: Domestic Cookers 
HTR1: Gas Fires & Wall Heaters 
If candidates fails to achieve the required level of competency in either the practical or theory assessments it will be necessary for them to re-sit the sections which they have failed. If this situation arises an additional costs maybe incurred and will be discussed when this situation occurs. 

Delivery Options, Duration and Costs  

All courses can be booked with small deposits and any balance can be spread over the period of the training. 
Weekends - Saturday - 9am - 4pm for 36 Weeks 
Start Date: TBC 
£6000.00 including vat and including ACS assessment 
£500.00 deposit then 8 invoiced amounts of £687.50 can be arranged to pay off the remaining balance 
This group will be limited to 12 people so please book your place now to avoid disapointment 
EAS will update on finance options Very soon 
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