The Win Win

Formulated programme design to encourage small SME's to take on apprentices who may have had a negative experience in the pass and allow school leavers to decide if the trade is for them!

How does it work?

Simply, it's a programme designed by EAS Mechanical to enhance the Level 1 that is already out there. Introducing the trade to young candidates who dream of becoming a plumber or H&V engineer but when it boils down to it they don't like it. The benefit is that at the end you are left with those who are dedicated to becoming a trades person.
As a business owner you already know that its hard to find the right staff, plus you know that time is important so this type of programme speeds things up significantly. How do we know? Wellwe've already had 2 pass candidates from a group of 7 who are in and still in employment. What's more, one was an ex offender who has turned his life around by EAS Mechanical given him the opportunity to train with them and finding him an apprenticeship. The owner of EAS believes everybody should be given a choice and a chance, so we give them that before you also offer your opportunity but with the peace of mind that the person sitting in front of you already knows basic plumbing, what it means to be employed and how to make a great cup of tea!

What's delivered?

  • Plumbing Level 1 diploma
  • Functional skills up to level 2
  • Employability
  • Foreman and tea maker*

Within the actual course the content is as follows –

  • Health and safety at work
  • Plumbing installation activities
  • Materials, storage and handling
  • Maintaining components
  • Hot and cold water
  • Central heating
  • Sanitation

After completion we believe and have seen that the candidate is more confidant, useful and around 3-4 months advanced on a normal level 2 candidates fresh into the industry.
So if you want to but thought of the negatives we would love you to come into us to discuss further so we can persuade you into making a better decision, which could reep huge benefits. EAS are not like other colleges, we know exactly what you want.
* And yes, this is serious. We make someone foreman everyday to ensure everyone is safe, the workshop is safe, wearing boots, tidying tools and look out for any unsafe situations and also to understand from a tutors position what is required and being taught. Not only that but then we nominate someone else to make the teas. This gives a good teamwork ethic but also helps with memory on orders, how to treat people and how to take care by cleaning up.  It works!!

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